If the error message is "Cannot start the application. Contact the software vendor for information.", then you are in the right place, if not, contact [email protected]

1, Uninstall the plugin
2. Open Windows Explorer (Win+E)
3. Type %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\
4. Rename the folder "2.0" to anyting else.
5. Install the Plugin again

if this does not work try the below actions:


1. Press the Win + R (keys) . The Windows Run Box will appear.

2. Type " cmd " in the Run box and then press the Enter Button OR click on the OK button underneath the text box.

3. In the CMD screen that appeared, type these exact things:
- " systeminfo > c:\sky1.info " (careful at the spacing and typos)
- " msinfo32 /nfo C:\sky.nfo " (again, be careful at the typing, it needs to be the same)

*These commands will create two files ( sky1.info ; sky.nfo ) regarding your computer and windows details, to help us identify the problem.
**Do not close the CMD black screen until you find these newly generated files into your C: partition. 

4. Go to My Computer -> C: and there you should find two files named " sky1.info " and " sky.nfo ".

5. Send these two files to us here: [email protected] , with subject: "Error Message - Contact vendor for information" stating your Username and we will get back to you with a solution.