After you register as an Esoteric Shop you will be able to add psychics by yourself or you can give your psychics (or other psychics that work for you) a personalized link to create accounts for themselves. So anyone who creates an account using that link will be under your Esoteric Shop.

The psychics that are under your Esoteric Shop will have the same features as a normal account BUT the payments they receive will be automatically forwarded to the Esoteric Shop account. Only if you - as an Esoteric Shop - send money to the psychic's account the money will stay in the account (and not automatically forward back to the Esoteric Shop).

This means that you - the Esoteric Shop - will get all the money of your psychics, and also you can pay them and let them withdraw using the methods found 
directly from our system.


John pays your psychic Jenna $100 > you (the Esoteric Shop) get $100 that are forwarded to the Esoteric Shop account > you want to pay Jenna 50% from your profit so, you, the Esoteric Shop can send to Jenna's account $50 (the 50%) > Jenna can withdraw her money - system's 25% = $37.5 you, the Esoteric Shop have the $50 and can withdraw it - system's 25% = $37.5. 

This is the same as you get the $100, withdraw $75 (- systems 25%), and pay her the 50% ($37.5). The example was just one of the possibilities.